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since 1910

About Us

Henrique Vieira & Filhos is today a reference company in the production of solutions for the industry, especially for the agri-food sector. It is dedicated to the production and sale of stainless steel tanks, copper or stainless steel distilleries and machines for all types of industry, especially for the wine and olive industries.
Foundation of the company by Henrique Vieira
In 1910, young Henrique Vieira, moved by the desire to make his dreams come true, decided to start working on his own and created a company that would become a reference in the production of solutions for the industry, especially for the agri-food sector – Henrique Vieira & Filhos SA

Henrique Vieira starts his activity with manufactured products, such as small alembics, coffee makers, copper fryers and pots, and also selling sprayers, trivets, iron fryers and tongs, all of these items sold at local fairs. The facilities were limited to a small workshop, without any mechanized equipment.
Business growth
In the 40's, with the arrival of 5 of his 9 children in the company, together with the end of the second great world war, and the situation of a country in need of many articles, the company faces a great development of the business. At the end of this decade, the small workshop is already equipped with more sophisticated machinery.
In 1950, it starts the manufacture of spirit distillation machines.
Vieira Brand
In 1952, Vieira brand was registered and this spraying system was, at that time, the only mechanism for crop treatment.
Motorized Mist Blowers and Sprayers
It is converted from an individual entrepreneurship into its current company designation “Henrique Vieira & Filhos”. Now equipped with the necessary means for business development, it expands its range of manufactured products, specifically mist blowers and motorized sprayers, in addition to investing in the development of new and innovative oenological machines.
Bernard Engines
In 1964, due to its strong position in the farming area, it became the exclusive representative of Bernard Motors in Portugal, motors for agricultural irrigation pumps.
Changes in the legal structure
In 1975 it changed its legal structure, turning into a limited liability company.
Vieirinox Brand
In the early 1990s, the company invested in a new market segment that made it possible to broaden the scope of the imports of oenological equipment and for the production of stainless steel tanks, with its own registered brand: VIEIRINOX. It was with this designation - VIEIRINOX - that the company became known in the market.

At the end of the 90s, HVF decided to strategically increase its stainless steel tanks production capacity and acquired SOINOX company. The emergence of the wine market segment in the business context, led the company to strengthen its position, allowing it to reach full production capacity and boost the commercialization of oenological equipment.
Henrique Vieira & Filhos, SA
It turns into a public limited company, now assuming its current corporate name Henrique Vieira & Filhos S.A.
The Centenary
The company celebrates 100 years of existence in the market.
Quality Management System
In 2012, the Quality Management System is implemented and certified, materialized through the application of the ISO 9001 standard, which highlights the organization's efforts to ensure the conformity of its products and/or services, the satisfaction of its customers and continuous improvement.

In the same year, it is distinguished with the PME Excellence award.
Environmental Management System
In 2013, the Environmental Management System was certified, according to standard ISO 14001, which allowed the optimization of the use of natural resources and better management of the impact of HVF activities in environmental terms.

The year 2013 brought even greater recognition, with the organization being given the PME Líder status.

2014 and 2015
PME Leader
In 2014 and 2015, once again HVF bears the status of PME Leader for its economic, financial and management performance.

In 2015, SOINOX, Lda and Henrique Vieira & Filhos, SA merged. Since SOINOX worked as a HVF production department, the objectives of this operation were to increase competitive capacity and increased efficiency in allocating resources.
Growth and New Challenges
The company's shareholder structure has not undergone major changes over the years, with Henrique Vieira & Filhos SA remaining the direct or indirect property of six of the children of the founder or their representatives.

Currently, the bigger challenge for HVF is related to the need to intensify its internationalization process. The company has been increasingly investing in the external market, particularly in the Spanish market and it is the intention of those responsible for the company to continue to grow, keeping the focus on achieving the best results, on monitoring the evolution of customers and markets, on investing on technical know-how, maximum quality of products and services, innovation capacity, technological development and also resources optimization and waste management.

Mission and values

The mission of Vieirinox is to provide solutions for small and large capacities, for a wide variety of applications and industries, with quality and competitive prices. With accumulated experience of 110 years, it develops tailor-made and complete solutions, turnkey, with technologically capable and innovative equipment and follows the whole process, from project development, to after-sales and technical assistance. It’s focused on the continuous process improvement and techniques, in order to always develop the best solutions and be a reference in the production of solutions for the industry. Our goal is to contribute to the growth, sustainability
and reputation of our partners and customers, based on transparency, rigor and trust.


Vieirinox implemented and maintains
an Integrated Quality and Environment
Management System, implemented and
certified by the following standards:

- NP EN ISO 9001
- NP EN ISO 14001

Scope of certification: Design, manufacture, sale, assembly, and technical assistance for various equipments for the agricultural, agrifood and other sectors in the Production Units of Costa do Valado and Taboeira.

Quality and Environmental Policy

Quality and Environmental Policy

Be aware of the signs and requirements in the market in order to pursue the maximum satisfaction of its customers.
Use innovation and permanent technological updating as a distinguishing feature concerning the competitors.
Design new products in order to reduce environmental impacts.
Ensure with its employees the appropriate training, resources and responsibilities in order to achieve high levels of productivity, efficiency and profitability.
Establish useful and fruitful partnerships with our suppliers, banks and other interested parties.
Ensure maximum shareholder satisfaction.
Accomplish with its compliance obligations and other obligations in terms of Environment, Safety and Health at Work, Food and Product Safety, ensuring the sustainability of the business.
Take into account environmental aspects with significant environmental impact (such as water and fuel consumption) and implement actions to reduce their significance and impact.
Adopt environmental protection methodologies including pollution prevention and the use of natural resources in a sustainable way, causing the least possible impact on the surrounding ecosystem.