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since 1910



Vieirinox has the infrastructures and the technology that allows a perfect conception study and 3D visualization, satisfaying the needs and specifications of each client. With a strong and experienced team, we are able to offer high quality solutions designed exclusively for your needs.


The most important aspect of any equipment is, without any doubt, its correct maintenance. Preventive maintenance is based on a pre-scheduled intervention with a general inspection (cleaning, inspection, lubrication and retightening), that helps to keep your equipment healthy. Having a preventive maintenance strategy is important in equipments that are critical for productivity and consequent business profitability, avoiding failures in more intensive work periods.

Maintenance and Technical Assistance

We have a team of qualified and experienced technicians, ready to work in the most diverse situations.

Turnkey Solutions

The agro-industry is constantly adapting, due to technical evolution, the growing demand of the market, sophistication of consumption and / or changes to current legislation. Vieirinox is your ideal partner for dimensioning installations, make productive layouts, modernizing equipments, increasing storage capacity, etc. We offer solutions tailored to your needs.