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since 1910

Internationalization project

Support within the incentive system Internationalization of SMEs

Projeto Internacionalização VIEIRINOX
Custo total elegível 216.115,00 €
Apoio financeiro da UE 97.251,75 €

Co-financed by:

In 2016 VIEIRINOX reached a total of EUR 6.2 million in terms of turnover. The Company's current strategy is to strengthen its export capacity, strengthening its presence in international markets, predominantly in the Spanish market, in order to increase its total turnover to EUR 7.6 million in 2020.
VIEIRINOX outlined a set of actions, embodied in this investment project that, together, will allow the Company to achieve its strategic objectives. These actions will allow you to reinforce your knowledge of foreign markets, increase your presence in new markets, promote the promotion and awareness of your brands and increase the Company's presence on the web.